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All American Overview

All American Overview



Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids who are currently in 5th grade and higher compete for Academic All American status. This process begins at the association level and up through each of the eight Pop Warner regions to the national level.

After the applications have been processed, Mid-South selects the Region First Team (top 35 in each grade), Mid-South Second Team and Mid- South Honorable Mention Scholars. 

An All-American Scholar requires a minimum 96% grade point average and must be currently enrolled in 5th grade or higher to apply for All-American status.  Once Mid-South receives the All American Application, including the addendum, the addendum is graded and these points are added to the grade point average to get a total score.  A Scholar that gets a 96% GPA and 10 addendum points will have a higher overall grade then a Scholar who has a 100% GPA and 3 addendum points.

First Team determined by top 35 in each grade.

Second Team determined by Scholars having higher than 1 addendum point.

Third Team is determined by Scholars having lower than 1 addendum point.



Mid- South will announce the Region All American Scholars the first of February. Each scholar will receive an informational packet in the mail to include:

  • Congratulatory letter from Pop Warner indicating their scholastic accomplishment.
  • Information regarding the Mid-South Region Tribute.

By the first of April the National Pop Warner Scholars list will be posted and National office will send out information about the National Pop Warner Scholar Banquet that is help on Memorial Day Weekend.



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